Selfish ‘concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself: seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others’

My teacher once told us that “you should be selfish enough if you want good grades and success”. At that moment, we all were very proud that yes, we were not selfish because we never say ‘NO’ to our friends, whether it’s an exam time or any other occasion, and we never lose opportunity for hangouts, parties and good time with our dear friends, whom life seems almost impossible and incomplete. We thought that we were selfless people who care much about friendships and friends. But, I did realize what my teacher mean by the word ‘Selfish’ until, after many years when I wished I should have listened to him and took this word seriously.

What he meant was that, we all waste our time on those things which give us nothing at all at the end. We all are proud that we are not selfish people and give all our time to friendships at the time when we should work hard for our future. We think that this is the life and to be successful means to have lots of friends and popularity among them. We think that life is nothing without them. So, Instead of spending our time on study, we lose the best part of our life to useless friendships when our focus should be our study.

By useless friendships, I mean those friendships which do not have any definite goals, purpose and plans in life. They are just for time-pass and fun. So, my question is that, how many friends do you still have for whom you once bunked classes and missed all the lectures? Some of us have experienced that among those friends, for whom we had been spending lot of time, were studying secretly but never told us, until the day came when they got good marks, admission in good institutes, later good jobs, and at last, people call them successful. On the other hand, some of them were not serious at all for studies just like us and at the end lose marks, lose reputation for being a good student, lose good institutes, lose good jobs and most of all lose that precious time, time when we should study for knowledge, for grades and for success.

But, yes, there were those people who were wise enough and made friendships and groups only for the purpose of study and achieve their goals, and I think they were better than us, because after many years when they look back, they are not regretful just like us, that they wasted their precious time on unimportant things and useless friendships which distract them from achieving their goals.

Time never comes back and we realize it until we have missed most of it. We should be selfish enough to say no to people when we have to do important things which are important for our future. I wish I had been Selfishenough just like my teacher told me because I have wasted my time and I regret that if I had given all my time to important things, my life would have turned out differently.


How Selfishness Can be Good