Spiritual Power is an invisible force, abundant in nature,
allowing for the betterment of all.

Through our personal experience, developing our spiritual intelligence, we know that the more you acknowledge and nurture your connection to this energetic force, the happier you are.

The fastest and easiest way to nourish your spiritual connection is to recognize it. Acknowledge this connection in your daily life – with each breath you take.

Notice this life force present in the flowers that grow from seed to blossom and then as they wither and die they transform into nourishment for other seeds to flourish. Feel the earth beneath your feet, aware of our living planet and all it provides. See the stars that shine and become aware of your connection with all life.

With this awareness you naturally express gratitude. When you are grateful you automatically experience greater peace and happiness. Expressing gratitude is one of the fastest and most direct routes to deepen your connection with the Loving Energy of the Universe.

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