Summer is not very appealing season, but we surely can do many things that are not possible in winter.

Here are 5 things that we can do in summer to make it more fun and interesting.


If you want to shed some kg, then summer is the best time to accomplish this task. But for some people outdoor exercise is really impossible, specially for mothers who have to do many things at home.

What is best for these ladies is to spare some time at home and do some manual exercise like roping or aerobics. Yoga is also very useful.. There are many good videos available at YouTube, where you can learn these exercises or just play it and follow the steps.

Dancing is also a best exercise, you can play your favorite hip hop music and dance.

2.Skin care:

Summer is not very welcoming season for those people who have sensitive or oily skin.

You should take extra care of your skin by doing these things.

1. Avoid all the junk and oily foods which effects you health and your skin.

2. Keep your skin hydrated by intake of least 8 to 10 glasses water a day

3. Exfoliate for better skin. Use home made masks and cleansers to keep your skin fresh and beautiful.

3.Water sports:

Swimming is the best sport in summer. It will keep you active and it is also helpful in burning calories. It helps flush out toxins and impurities, and preventing muscle tightness.

If you have a pool at home it’s good, but if you don’t then go to water slide parks and have fun.

4.Family time:

Summer is the time when mostly people have vacations, specially students. Why not plan a trip to a hilly area or any open place to have a barbecue?

Enjoy with your family and friends and make wonderful memories.


Pick up any low-cost hobbies to keep yourself busy. You can accomplish many tasks during summer like reading, hiking, photography, gardening, cooking, join a gym, writing etc

Summer is the best time when you have all the energy, as you are not feeling cold, so you can do many things and achieve many goals, as well as enjoy your time.