Chester Bennington, all of us are familiar with this name, now has gone forever. I read it that he took his life by hanging. I am not judgmental here that he has done the wrong or the right thing. It was his life, who am I to say anything about him? He was my favorite singer. He was also the reason my interest in music developed.

His death left many people in shocked. When this news broke, people had mixed feelings. Some were angry; some were sad, some even said that it was an act of cowardice. But when I heard about him, at first, I was in extreme shock, but later I asked myself a question, what is success? Is success leads us towards happiness or tragic end? We all are inspired from the media people, all these actors and singers. Many young girls and boys left their families because they want to be like them. Some want fame, some want money, luxuries, cars and glamour. People think that all these things are source of happiness.

Throughout life we all ignore our relationships, our husband, our wives, our kids and parents, just because “my wife doesn’t look like Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian,”, “ I wish I have a husband like Ian Somerhalder”. But my question is that if wealth is everything then why our famous people, many writers, actors and singers, not all but mostly, took their lives? Many of them were found drunk all the time and later dead in isolation. Why is that? Why they were not happy if they had everything, the life which we idealize, all the fame and money and power?

I am a literature student and when I go through the history of all these writers like Virginia Woolf, who took her life by drowning, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe and many others. They were most renowned writers of their times but their end were tragic.

I realized that, real success is not just becoming rich and famous in your field, but in your real life as well .Your family and friends is your real asset. No matter how much you are busy, your family should be your priority. Try to spend as much time as possible with them. Talk to them and never ignore them. Sometimes we become so obstinate by chasing our destination that we completely forget that from where we belong and whom we left behind.