I woke up at mid- night, it was all dark. I didn’t see anything and didn’t remember anything. I could hear at a distant that my baby was crying but I didn’t know where he was and how to reach him. Am I in the jungle? Where is my phone? I had to find my phone but couldn’t find it. I had to turn on light. What is my name? Who I am? What was the last thing I did? I was so panicked. I was breathing very fast. I had to do something. Should I shout but to whom I should call? So, I managed to stand up and start walking, not knowing where I was going. “Oh god, where is the light?” I was searching for a switch. At the back of my mind I remember partially that there was a switch somewhere. Then I got stumbled in to the things but still walking, almost ready to cry. My son was also crying. He was two and a half years old that time. Then finally, I reached the switch and turned on light.

It happened many months ago. I always sleep in the light of a night lamp but due to load shedding light was gone. But due to my baby’s crying I woke up so suddenly that I lost my memory. It was unusual. I never experience such thing in my life. It happens that when you wake up you do not remember anything and gain consciousness a little late. But the way I was scared and panicked was really scary. After that many times I feel this fear. I panic suddenly in situations even at day time.

Then I searched about it. I studied that this situation is related to anxiety and depression. When you are worried about something, apparently you are fine but internally you are suffering. Studies shows that this type of situation is called panic-attack and people experience it sometimes even during sleep. But interestingly, the cause is mostly unknown. Sometimes it happens because of the habit of smoking or alcohol. You do not know the reason that why you are so panicky. You just losing control over yourself and feeling crazy. In that situation people shake, shortness of breath, numbness, rapid heart rate etc.

What to do to in this situation?

  1. First of all, when you are in this specific situation try to calm down as much as possible. Think positively. Try to relax your muscles.
  2. Try to talk to the person who is close to you. Share your experience and try to find the cause. Try to find out what is bothering you. What makes you scared.
  3. If you are on medication try to minimize it. If you drink a lot or smoke then stop it immediately. Sometimes we take things lightly but they become huge later. Although, this feeling of fear lasts 10 to 15 but sometimes in severe cases it lasts long.
  4. If you think that you cannot control the situation then consult a doctor and follow his advice.